Important / Immediate News!
Please note the following changes to our address and phones:
  • Address is now P.O. Box 46398, Tampa, FL 33646-6398
  • Main contact phone is (813) 334-9392
  • Working on a new fax either web based or 1-800#

About Us

Company Information


  • RPE has a long and storied history going back to its founder.
  • Always involved in material handling.
  • Range trys to stay focused on equipment lines that are synergistic but can stand alone as a single item purchase to solve a particular need or be added together for a system approach.


Role of a Contract Representative

RPE is the "low cost" alternative (versus a direct employee) to having your desired factory offer you, the customer, support in the field. We live in the territory and can usually bring several items to discuss that might apply to your needs. We can discuss installation contractors that we have experience with, BUT...we do not install and do not compete with installation contractors. We do not invoice - your P.O. will always be invoiced and shipped direct from the factory. Pricing stays the same, i.e. we work for the same factory under contract.

Company Mission:
Apply equipment knowledge for effective solutions in everyday transactions. Represent our principals by sharing market data and sharing our factory contacts & knowledge with all customers.